Morphine Crush

by lola demo

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jools elphick
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jools elphick Telling it like is - no frills - just considered lyrics stripped bare with that relentless intonation of the pain of observing a loved one slip away.... Listening to this was cathartic for me too - working away in my studio I let rip joining in here and there with my own soul-splitting howls ... Good job nobody else is around!!!! Thank you Favorite track: Fire In Her Head.
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Faerytale A work of heart and soul! All at once gritty and smooth with caramel vocals in a lovely, low register that pours on down to the roots of true emotion. Open and fearless, this is. Favorite track: Morphine Crush.
Anda Volley
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Anda Volley Enthralled with this new album release from one of my favorite artists lola demo from Ithaca Greece. Every track is go good. Encourages repeated listens. It has all the elements I'm so attracted to: alternative rock with elements of electro and noise, beautifully composed. Her voice and lyrics in the tender emotional depths, confronting the immediate, a warrior on a shore lined cliff, deep in trance, performing a ritual of what's been lost.


The writing of Morphine Crush has been a cathartic experience. Music is such a healer despite it opening wounds and making me touch them with my bare fingers.

"The fear of pain can hurt more than pain itself, and for those who look on and listen to the laboured breaths puffed from the chest as life extinguishes in yet another body, morphine becomes the quiet which let’s us tell ourselves this is peaceful, this is the way we should all leave life, but the struggle continues under the veil of it, keeping us oblivious and hopeful that there is no suffering, not even for us."


released April 16, 2016

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered at Strudel Girl Studio on Ithaca Greece during March 2016 by Erika Bach.

Cover Art by Barry Snaith (The Inconsistent Jukebox) & Erika Bach



all rights reserved


lola demo Greece

lola demo is a self produced project with albums recorded on the island of Ithaca in Greece at Strudel Girl Studio. Erika Bach (lola demo / hard candy / ape the cry), records an album each winter since relocating to the greek island from Melbourne Australia in 2002. ... more

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Track Name: Frozen
(C) 2016 Erika Bach All Rights Reserved.

If I don't look back
And I let it go
If there's no return
Who would ever know
There's a snake in you
Eating from the tree
If it was her wish
Then forget about me
In the wilderness
There's a hanging tree
With a rope for her
And a rope for me
I erased the words
That you wrote to me
As a punishment
For a mind that's free
I am frozen on the last day
I am frozen
I am hardening
Be on my side
I can't help it
Can't get over it
Not this time

Was the last day
Was the last time
I would open up my mouth
Not another word was spoken
Since the love burnt itself out
I am frozen on the last day
Track Name: Over My Dead Body
Over My Dead Body
(C) Tuesday 29th March 2016 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved

After colliding with all good intentions
I put on my armour
And raise my defenses
Calling my father my mother where are you?
They said I killed you but I really loved you

Give them blood and flesh
Over my dead body
Say I will confess
Over my dead body
Give all I possess
Over my dead body
You will have to take happiness over my dead body

Bursting love open to show the infection
I couldn't speak from the cruel deception
Calling my father my mother where are you?
Into silence, we throw what we need to

Track Name: My Nervous Breakdown
My Nervous Breakdown
(C) 2016 Erika Bach All Rights Reserved

Oh life
Oh life
Help me live through you
My nervous breakdown

No time
No time
Only moments away from truth

I could run but there's no point
There is no love where I come from
Body bags 5 miles from heaven
7 heads are not forgiven
I could run but there's no point
There is no love where I come from

Oh why
Oh why
Do we crash like planes falling from the sky

Each time
Each time
We fall down and hurt ourselves


Your will
Your will
Overpowered me
Pinned me to the ground

Oh life
Oh life
Help me live through you
My nervous breakdown

My nervous breakdown
Track Name: Keep You Warm
Keep You Warm
(C) 2016 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved

Will find your way back home
Through the morphine find the hole
That holds and keeps your body warm
Hold on tight and don't let go

There will be no roses for your weary head
There is only darkness and shadows in your bed
There will be no daylight following the storm
There is only morphine to keep you warm

I'll keep the devil from the door
Through the morphine skin is torn
I wanted end while I was sleeping
But waited for the last the breathing in

Wait I'm not ready
I'm going to breathe life back into you


Wait I'm not ready
I'm going to breathe life back into you
Track Name: Those Things
Those Things
(C) 2016 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved.

So little silence inside of my head
10 horses riding through the wilderness
I cut off my charm so you could like me

The key has fallen through my fingers
A little secret that you didn't tell
Now no one wants me
Knows what I could be
She was the only one who could ever tell

Fire wood and fire burn down olive branches down to the ground

I don't want to know
I don't want to know why
You said those things to me

You think you know but you don't know me
I'm not the image you see in your mind
Can't make me into who you want to
No matter how you twist and turn the tide

I am not like you and will not choose to follow the army or your apathy
You're shooting down the stars that shine on me
Letting in darkness to change how I feel

Track Name: Fire In Her Head
Fire In Her Head
(C) 2016 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved.

Fire in her head
Makes it hard to sleep
Liar you feel bad
You were hardly here

What did you say
To make them be so cruel
What did you do
To make me such a fool

Fire in her hands
Makes them hard to hold
You took my everything
Before her skin turned cold

Where were you
When she called out your name
And who were you
When she was scared of you to stay

Fire in her mouth
Makes it hard to speak
Liar you know the truth
I gave my everything
I gave my everything
I gave my everything
Track Name: Falling Down
Falling Down
(C) 2016 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved

All the years that I have missed
All the love and all the bliss
I came back to find that I had been gone too long
Seen through eyes that only see who they wanted me to be
Help me walk away I will never be that strong

No one speak
It's better this
Than a cruel bitterness
Was I sleeping all these years to not know anyone
I came home to give my heart but you tore it all apart
Help me shut my mouth
Don't say what they have become

Falling down
Falling down
Where are you now
I'm falling down

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Unconditional love
To feel it
What was there intention
Fucked up interaction
I can't take it
I can't even fake it

No one here to love me
No one here to know me
Just how mean they could be
Now that I am silent
Now that I said goodbye
Punish me
Make me cry

Track Name: Bleeding Sorrow
Bleeding Sorrow

Bleeding Sorrow
Bleeding Sorrow
I remember the smell of the rain
Before Armageddon comes again
Bleeding out Bleeding in
Future tripping
Lemon drops
And sin
Bleeding sorrow
Bleeding sorrow

Down so low let yourself go
Take your happiness below
Run don't walk into the fire
Watch your spirit dance on the wire

Are you still breathing
Are you still breathing
Are you still breathing
Are you still breathing


Bleeding sorrow
Bleeding sorrow
Track Name: Morphine Crush
Morphine Crush
Deep into the water
Muddy to my chest
Waiting for Poseidon
He buries all the blessed
I call to her one last time
Before the breathing ends
But she is deep in morphine
My cries are lost again

Take hold of all your senses
This journey will steal your soul
Will take you to the devil
For wanting her to go
The silence interrupted
By gasping out for breath
You close your eyes and beg the dark
To not take happiness

The rain it pours relentless
Crashing into glass
The thunder roars from heavens
That will not hear her calls
The lightning strikes the conscious
Into unconsciousness
Never to return her to my bosom nest

Cry oh cry my darling
I will not forget
All the hope and fury when our eyes first met
I love you in the hollow
The hole left in my heart
I love you for the last time
Before death do us part

(C)2016 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved.